Center Ring: The People of the Circus
by Robert Lewis Taylor

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You'll find the dusty, sprawling spectacle of the circus that vanished when the Big Top came down for the last time in this farewell to Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus - a tinsel-encrusted world - brawling, vibrating with excitement and life. Here are some of the people who made it great:

Lilian Leitzel - remembered as the queen of the air even today, 25 years after her fatal fall; her loves, her amazing skills, her unquenchable ambition and brilliance are recounted with a wild poignancy that brings her once more to life.

Owner John Ringling North - an ever-alert executive in this hectic sawdust-and-sequin business who scouts for talent in the show towns of Europe with a large private supply of Pepto-Bismol.

The Ubangis - with deadly effectiveness they stuck pins in a wax image of the doctor who brought them from Africa.

The flying Concellos, famous team of aerialists - their leader Arthur Concello had one terribly distracting thought as he "caught triples" pirouetted, and flew through his sensational aerial act.

These and other personalities of the circus glitter and sparkle in Robert Lewis Taylor's spotlight. In Center Ring he has captured the indefinable spirit, the fleeting, fast-disappearing world of the circus - with all its tawdry glamour, its sentimental comradeship, its gallantry and gaudiness.

Condition: Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good to fine, with very minor wear to cover. Click image for larger picture.

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