Circus Krone
by Helmut Bauer and Benita von Bemberg  

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ISBN Number: 978-3980721738
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 376
Publication Date: 2013
Edition Bemberg 

This is a very large and very heavy book, packed with large colour and black & white photographs. Format: 33 x 24 cm. 628 illustrations. 2.6 kg heavy. 

Historical and contemporary images of the history of the circus and what the circus offers today. The Circus Krone arose from a Wandermenagerie, which travelled from fair to fair in the 19th century and caused a sensation. Carl Krone (1870-1943) took over the menagerie together with his mother and converted it to a circus with clever innovations. With much affection and understanding for the animals he succeed in presenting spectacular performances. Until 1914, the growing company operated under the name "Circus Charles". As "Circus Krone" it developed into the largest circus in Europe. 

Famous artists perform in Krones Manege. For a herd of elephants based on 27 animals, the classic circus ring with a diameter of 13 m is no longer sufficient. In 1924, Carl Krone opted for a three-mane circus; in the 1930s for a racetrack circus with a 64-meter-long oval arena. After the Second World War, the "crown" had again reached a stately size under the aegis of Frieda Krone and her husband Carl Sembach. Her daughter Christel Sembach-Krone shone especially with imaginative horse numbers. 

Today, the "Krone" still offers an international program. As a constant surprise the performances of Jana Mandana and her husband Martin Lacey Junior with horses, zebras, camels, a rhino, elephants and lions. 

Text in German. A truly spectacular book.

Condition: Fine. (Click on image above for close-up of front cover).

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