Circus Company: Life on the Road With the Travelling Show
by Edward Seago
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ISBN Number: NA
Number of Pages:
Publication Date: 1933 - second edition

Illustrated with 15 line drawings by the author and a coloured frontispiece, with introduction by John Masefield.

Edward Seago was involved in the publication of many books throughout his career. About the age of 18, Seago joined Bevin’s Travelling Show, and subsequently spent much time touring with circuses in Britain and on the Continent. He recorded his experiences in this book (both the first and second editions were published in 1933), and included a number of its illustrations in his first London solo show at the Sporting Gallery. Although without a dust jacket, this book is well worth the cover price even if only to cut out and frame the wonderfully evocative paintings.

Condition: Very good.

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