Douglas Newton
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1958 first edition
George C Harrap & Co Ltd

Here come the clowns! A crazy crowd, shouting, jumping, contorting, tumbling...

This is the picture we have of clowns in our day. But what were they like a hundred, or a thousand years ago? What are clowns? How did they come into being? What is the art of clowning, and why does anyone want to learn it? Once start asking questions about clowns, and you will think of more.

And you will love to read this entertaining, exciting book to satisfy your curiosity about them. It is the full history of these funny men. You will read about clowns in Ancient Greece and the modern world; about clowning in America, Europe, China, Bali, Russia. You will be delighted with all the surprising facts with which this book abounds. You will learn how clowns came to put white on their faces, why each invents his own individual make-up, how an Auguste came to be so called, and why he is always the clown to get hurt and be in the wrong.

Besides clowns and clowning in general, this unique book tells the personal stories of the famous clowns of the past and present - Grimaldi, Tarleton, Little Titch, Grock, Auriol, Dan Rice, Whimsical Walker...

For grown-ups and young people alike, this is one of the most enjoyable and informative histories of these fantastic funsters ever published.

Condition: Cover in fair condition with no dustjacket. Formerly a school book - stamped "Melton Constable Modern Secondary School 22 Mar 1960" on inside front cover. Internally in very good condition.

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