Discovering Mechanical Music
by TE Crowley 

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ISBN Number: 0852633718
Number of Pages:
Publication Date:
1977 (second edition)
Shire Publications Ltd

The demand for music of all kinds seems always to have exceeded the supply of available musicians, and automatic ways of reproducing tunes have been invented for many centuries in an effort to fill the gap. This book describes some of them, ranging from the contrivances of hundreds of years ago for playing bells by means of a waterwheel, though the perfection of carillons, the invention of the mechanical organ, the creation of uncannily lifelike figures arranged to play flutes and pianos, the rise and sudden fall of the musical box in all its variations, the fairground organ, the player piano, so evocative of the Edwardian age, and the final and overriding invention of the gramophone and its allies.

Condition: Very Good. Previous owner's name written on first page inside cover. (Click on image above for close-up of front cover).

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