Dodgem Greaser
by Frank Norman
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ISBN Number: 0340147431
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Publication Date:
1972 - second edition

From the cover:

"After his rigid, repressed upbringing as a Barnado Boy, Frank Norman found work with a travelling fairground at the age of sixteen. The dramatic release and independence of this change of life are described in Dodgem Greaser with kaleidoscopic brilliance and vigour; the urgency of his wild, half-nervous grabs at life is matched by the vivid and often vicious world in which he found himself.

This was a world where you humped enormous beams to build the dodgem machine in record time to get a bonus, where you sweated out the beer of the night before as you leaped between the dodgems short-changing customers, where townspeople spat at you and shut you out of their pubs, where the inevitable girls who waited till the ground was closed were tumbled in the woods at night and left the next week; where among the prizefighters and bearded ladies and midgets, you found your own height and fought for it."

A fictional insight into a fascinating way of life, based on Frank Norman's real life fairground experiences. A fairground classic.

Condition: Very Good. Light general marking, but still VG condition, with
bright contemporary pictorial card cover art by Terry Gilbert.


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