Dr Haze: Mud, Blood & Glitter (An Autobiography)
Dr Haze
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ISBN Number: 9780957069909
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 280
Publication Date: 2011
Peculiar Publishing 

Mud, Blood and Glitter, the autobiography of Dr Haze, Creator and Undead Ringmaster of The Circus of Horrors. From being born and bred in a Circus, being deserted by his Dad twice, the first time while only six months old. Brought up in Preston before being reunited with his Dad when 11 and learning to fire eat in a day. Leaving school at 12, spending most of his youth in a Circus, then running away from the Circus. Inspired by Marc Bolan, pursuing a career in Rock 'n' Roll and eventually forming Britain's longest running alternative Circus. Taking the extreme to the mainstream in front of 35 million people on prime time television. The book is cram packed with amazing anecdotal stories about the incredible characters, celebrities, media stunts and situations. Mud, Blood & Glitter, The Autobiography of Doktor Haze.

This book contains Adult content, it is not suitable for Sissies, Chavs or people with a nervous disposition. This book contains nuts.

Condition: Fine. (Click on image above for close-up of front cover).

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