First International Circus Arts Festival in Budapest
VHS Video

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Format: VHS
Running Time:
96 minutes
Release Date:
Image Entertainment

The First International Circus Arts Festival in Budapest features a dazzling variety of the world's top circus performers, all competing for the gold trophy. See the incredible talents of Russia's Toroszjan, a combination of basketball and gymnastics conducted on trampoline! Be mesmerized by the magic of Romania's Veniamin, one of the circus's most unusual acts, or wonder "How does she do it?" when Elana Popova of Russia dangles by her heels from a trapeze 60 feet above the ground. You'll marvel at the beauty of the "Golden Pyramid," with a trio of German and Hungarian performers adorned with little more than gold paint, demonstrating exquisite balance and flexibility.

If you love the circus (and who doesn't?), you will adore this captivating competition. It's got it all--equestrian and elephant acts, juggling extraordinaire, breathtaking high wire performances, amazing contortions, unbridled unicycles, rambunctious clowning and much, much more.

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