Going to the Fair
Gill Tanner

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ISBN Number: 0713636351
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A & C Black (Publishers) Ltd

What was it like to visit a fair when you would have ridden on a steam-powered roundabout, watched a performing crocodile and won a bag of confetti at a hoopla stall? The children in this book find out how fairground people lived at the turn of the century. They discover that fairs today contain many of the rides and stalls which their great grandparents would have enjoyed. The book also includes background information, old photographs and a timeline which shows important events and inventions.

Condition: Very good. Shows library sticker inside front cover amnd on spine. Click image for close up of book.


"The books is excellent.  I had a quick look though it when I received it on Saturday.  It will be a book I will read for years to come. Some of the pictures are of rides I've either been on or seen. There is even an old ground map for Nottingham Goose Fair which really surprised me. 

"Overall it's one very good book that I'm very pleased to own.
Lindsay Middleton

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