Here Keller - Train This
by George Keller

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Hardback with dustjacket
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'Here, Keller-Train This' was the sign on top of the crate. Inside was a full-grown mountain lion - a present from a friend who knew of Keller's love of animals. A college professor of visual arts at the time, Keller accepted the challenge and trained the lion in his garage. He acquired more animals, and the courage to face them in the ring. For a number of years he trained wild animals as a hobby and was a semi-professional performer at summer carnivals and small circuses while continuing to teach in the winter.

As Keller's success as a part-time trainer grew, so did his desire to escape the routine life he had led for years. He was looking for freedom, and in his mind animals were always associated with freedom. At the age of 51, George Keller made a complete break to become a full-time animal trainer. At last he was no longer a "college professor on the outside, showman on the inside."

His new life greeted him with financial difficulties, a hurricane, a mauling by a tiger and near-death while performing a part of his act in which he put his head in a lion's mouth. Keller's knowledge of animal behaviour was phenomenal and his skill and showmanship earned him wide and deserved popularity.

Here is the personal account of a man who recognized his own calling and had the courage to pursue his bent in the face of opposition from conventional society-a man who dared to fulfil his boyhood dream.

Condition: 190 pages, b/w photographic plates throughout. Original dust jacket very good, with some general wear and minor tears at the top, and a little rubbing to edges, not price-clipped. Hard-back binding, very good. Contents clean and tight. A very good tight copy. 

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