The History and Lore of Freaks
by CJS Thompson

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ISBN Number: 1859584853
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Before the scientific age, abnormal manifestations of the everyday world, such as dwarves, Siamese twins and giants were not so much regarded as freaks of nature but living proof of truly fabulous forms in unknown worlds. Such marvellously exotic creatures as griffins, cockatrices and boys covered with scales seemed truly to exist, albeit over the horizon in terra incognita. Scholarly works documented the existence of these monsters, giving credence to the belief that they really did swim in tropical seas and prowl on a dark night beyond the warm, lamp-lit circle.

The History and Lore of Freaks, first published in 1930, vividly recreates a credulous era in which fact and fantasy were almost indistinguishable. Illustrated throughout with many fascinating photographs, drawings and engravings, CSJ Thompson's book provides an intriguing overview of a twilight terrain where natural and supernatural phenomena shaded into one.

Condition: Good. Cover slightly warn (click on photograph).

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