Introducing the Circus
by David Jamieson

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ISBN Number: 1872904017
Number of Pages:
Publication Date:
1990 (Second Edition)
Aardvark Publishing

This book has been written in response to the need for information about Britain's most exciting invention, the circus.

How did the circus begin? How is the circus big top erected? Who runs the major circuses in Britain? How can I find out where they are? Where are the nearest circus schools? What books are available on the circus? How can I buy or exchange circus posters or programmes?

The answers to all these questions - and many, many more - are to be found in this new edition of Introducing the Circus, with several new features:

  • Mini profiles of eight circus personalities - indicating the tenacity, abilities and interests of leading British circus men and women.
  • Poster parade of colourful circus posters.
  • Circus transport.
  • A new section on animal welfare and the latest scientific research on circus animals.

Condition: Fine. Click on image above to see close-up of book condition.

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