My Life in a Man-Made Jungle
by Belle J Benchley
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ISBN Number: NA
Hardback with dustjacket
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Faber and Faber Ltd

From the inside front cover:

"Miss Benchley is the director of the Zoological Gardens of San Diego - she is, in fact, the only woman zoo director in the world - and her zoo is situated in a warm sunny land where the animals lead a healthy outdoor existence. In her care are the two largest and finest gorillas that have ever been kept in captivity. Her story of her experiences in this woman-ruled jungle forms one of the most entertaining and unusual books about animals ever published.

"If you like wild animals and pets, you cannot help but be fascinated by this book, and you will particularly enjoy learning how to make friends with animals and birds. If you think that excitement and danger end when an animal is 'safely' caged, read the accounts of a deadly rattler at large or the two baboons on the loose, or of a fight to the death in one of the cages. Belle Benchley is housekeeper, chief dietician, and consulting physician as well as home-maker to her family of thousands. She buys watermelons by the ton, cod liver oil in fifty-gallon drums. For the practical-minded, her chapters on the construction and running of a zoo are richly informative."

Condition: Very good condition with poor dustjacket. The dustjacket is torn in a number of places. Click photo for larger view.

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