Piers and Other Seaside Architecture
Lynn F Pearson

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ISBN Number: 0 7478 0539 3
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Shire Books

Architecture at the seaside is colourful, inventive and fun. Early piers were landing stages for trippers arriving by boat but later became attractions in themselves. The author outlines the fascinating history of pier and pavilion construction, using many delightful colour illustrations. Entertainment buildings boomed in the resorts of late Victorian Britain: pleasure domes such as the Queen Palace at Rhyl catered for huge crowds seeking inspiration and enjoyment beside the sea.

In the 1930s modern movement architecture flourished at the seaside, but idiosyncrasies still abounded. Twenty-first-century seaside developments use good design to produce an enjoyable environment: from Bridlington's award-winning beach huts to Ilfracombe's Landmark Theatre, seaside architecture continues to amaze and amuse.

Condition: Fine.

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