Seaside Architecture
by Kenneth Lindley

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ISBN Number: 238.78983.7
Number of Pages:
Publication Date: 1973
Hugh Evelyn Limited

From the same publisher as Fairground Architecture, this is a similarly acclaimed book.

The perennial excitement of a visit to the seaside, whether it is to Blackpool or Biarritz, seems always to have been one of life's special pleasures. Yet the association of the sea with health, holidays and fun is a comparatively recent phenomenon in terms of the buildings along its shores. With the obvious exception of the pier, there is really very little to distinguish seaside from other forms of urban or suburban architecture, but once experienced, even in childhood, the buildings at the seaside remain identifiably yet unmistakably different. The word 'seaside' has so many connotations - bare feet on a hot pavement, boarding houses on rainy days, barnacles under the pier, donkey rides, sticks of rock and a million others - most of which involve, if only as a background, the types of structure that go on to create the atmosphere everyone recognises but very few can define. In this book Kenneth Lindley has caught this spirit of the place, describing and analysing the elements that go to make up the seaside resort - from the railway station down to the front, along the promenade and out to the end of the pier - while, at the same time combining in a very personal blend of words and pictures the essence of seasides past and present.

Condition: Very good. Some slight wear to extremities. Few light nicks to wrapper, but otherwise tidy.

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