Ups & Downs & Roundabouts
by Edwin Corrigan
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Hardback with dustjacket
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The Ridings Publishing Company

From the inside front cover:

"This intimate biography gives a fascinating peep behind the scenes in the long history of one of the oldest travelling showpeople families - the Corrigans, whose ancestors, the Welshes, were travelling showpeople even before the days of the side stalls. It was they who, realising the people needed some other attraction while waiting to have a ride on the ponies (the forerunner of the roundabouts), made toffee and sold it on a  stall, then introduced coconuts and pegs. If the customer, throwing a small shallalee knocked a nut off he won a coconut, a cigar, or a mug of hazelnuts. From these two grew the host of varied side stalls we see on the fairgrounds today. Through the years up to the present day we have a peep into the ups and downs, the good times and bad times (when they gave rides for jam jars); the way they and all other travelling showpeople were eyed with suspicion, especially by the police, but how with their honest to goodness integrity they came out tops in almost every encounter, and now, although not travelling but still showpeople, the name of Corrigan is just as highly esteemed and respected as when Joseph Michael Corrigan was travelling the fairs."

Condition: Inside near fine, cover protected but worn at the edges.

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