Vintage Fairground Transport
by Brian Steptoe
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ISBN Number: 0952311259
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 40
Publication Date: October 2006
Publisher: Jumper Books

Here is a personal selection of the best examples of showmen's transport from Brian Steptoe's camera over the years since 1992. This volume brings to the reader a wide range of transport in actual use by showmen on the fairground, rather than concentrating on equipment in preservation. Sixty eight photos in full colour are presented, arranged in relation to the families travelling them at the time of taking. As the title suggests, the selection presented mainly relates to those who are, or were at the time, travelling vintage fairground rides.

The author's close association with Carters Steam Fair over the years results in an extended coverage of this particular family's heavy transport - Scammells, Atkinsons and ERFs being featured in depth. Further variety is created by inclusion of a few recreations of ride transportation by steam traction, by including a selection of Edwards of Swindon prime movers and packing trucks now in the possession of the UK Fairground Heritage Trust and by featuring several of the rare Scammell Showtracs.

Condition: Very good. Slight creasing to top right hand corner.

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