Willingly To School: How Animals Are Taught
by Herman Dembeck

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ISBN Number: 9780245599828
Hardback with dustjacket
Number of Pages:
Publication Date:
George G Harrap & Co Ltd

From the front cover:

"Apes and monkeys, elephants, cats and dogs, horses, dolphins - all creatures which hold a special place in people's affection - are described here in fascinating detail. Their many talents and capacity for learning have intrigued and delighted man for thousands of years, and Hermann Dembeck reports on their place in fact and fiction through the ages.

"Full of anecdotes about curiosities of animal behaviour, including a billiard-playing cat and alcoholic elephants, the book clearly shows that the only basis of a successful training method is man's ability to channel the animal's play instinct by empathy and scientific knowledge, and that this ability involves complete trust and understanding between man and beast.

"For 25 years until 1954 the author was publicity director for a number of famous German circuses, and from his wide experience has gained an intimate knowledge of a vast variety of animals which is reflected in this fully illustrated book."

Condition: Very good condition with good dustjacket. Click photo for larger photograph showing condition of book.

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