Achterbahnen III: The World's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills in 3D
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Release Date: 2002
Exempt from classification
Region coding:
DVD - Region 2
Running Time:
64 minutes
CMV Laservision

For the most part venturing out of the USA, this DVD goes in search of the most thrilling roller coasters around the world, featuring: Dragon Mountain (Canada); the Pepsi Max Big One (UK); Nemesis (UK); Shockwave (UK); Olympia Looping (Germany); La Montana Rusa (Mexico); Big Dipper (Australia); Thunderbolt (Australia); Corkscrew (Australia); Desperado (USA); Dragon Khan (Spain); The Dragon (Hong Kong).

This is a new German release of an American documentary. Once the DVD is inserted, viewers can select either the original English soundtrack or a new German soundtrack. Stereo. Comes with free 3D glasses.

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