The History of the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens, Volume Three: The Final Story
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Release Date: 2001
Exempt from classification
Running Time:
104 minutes
Roy Nicol Video Production

The final story is told of one of Manchester's greatest ever attractions, the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens. Why not enjoy another day out at Belle Vue and have a look at the Bobs, the Floral Clock, Ghost Train, Caterpillar or perhaps go to a show. Listen to the brass bands or watch the spectacular fireworks displays. Maybe a walk around the zoo, the sea lion house, the giraffe enclosure, the Tigon. You could go and watch the speedway or have a game of bowling. There was so much to do in the Showground of the World.

This video is the third in the series chronicling the history of the Belle Vue zoo and amusement park, and tells the story of the later years of the complex and its final decline.

Volumes One and Two are also available from Joyland Books. Click here for a preview of Volume 3.

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