The Business of Fun: The Creation of a Roller Coaster from Concept to Completion
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Release Date: 2008
Exempt from classification
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Running Time:
40 minutes
Forrester Media

A compelling and rare inside look at the world of roller coasters.

Heart Pounding and exhilarating are words that describe a day at the great American theme park. Theme parks are big business enticing 335 million guests to spend more than 11 billion dollars annually. Parks invest millions of dollars on new rides. But how do these rides get off the ground and into the sky?

Join us on this journey as we follow the development of a new roller coaster from concept through construction to its first bone jarring white knuckled ride at one of America’s premier theme parks.

Part One:
Theme parks have become a vital part of the tourism and travel industry. But how have they become so popular? The Business of Fun goes back and takes you to the first coasters… and for a ride on the granddaddy of them all.

Part Two:
Where do theme park operators go to buy roller coasters? Well the Business of Fun takes you on a rare behind scenes look at the large convention where deals are done for everything a theme park needs.

Part Three:
The deal has been done so join us as we show you how a rollercoaster is designed, constructed and completed. The Business of Fun takes you on a fascinating look at the inner workings of a new coaster and also examines how a ride becomes more than just a ride.

Part Four:
Opening day is here and Mystery Mine is ready to carry its first riders. The Business of Fun takes you there through all its exciting twists, turns and loops. It also explores what’s next for theme parks and roller coasters.

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