Roller Coaster Adventures Volume 7
A Preview
Spain has two parks featured in this volume. First is Terra Mitica. Take a tour of this beautiful park and take a ride on the 118ft tall, wooden MAGNUS COLOSSUS, featuring a double dip first drop. Buckle in for a ride on TIZONA, the park's new suspended looping coaster, which will flip you five times!

See a special bird's eye view tour of Six Flags Elitch Gardens, and take a ride on all of their coasters, including the unique FLYING COASTER, and the wooden TWISTER II. Also check out MIND ERASER, BOOMERANG, and SIDEWINDER.

Knoebels Amusement Park is knows for its wooden coasters, and we will take you there to get a front seat ride on both. First on their newest coaster, TWISTER, and then on the top rated classic, PHOENIX.

Get a sneak peek at a brand new prototype coaster called SCREAMING SQUIRREL, from S&S Power, Inc. We will take you to their headquarters in Utah for a ride on this coaster that gives new meaning to the expression 'OVER THE EDGE'!

Warner Bros Movie World, located in Madrid, Spain, has some excellent roller coasters like SUPERMAN, BATMAN, and the giant inverted STUNT FALL, standing over 190ft tall, and featuring 6 inversions and two 90 degree drops! Take a front seat ride and a tour of this amazing park!

Busch Gardens Tampa has the world's first duelling wooden coaster called GWAZI. Take a front seat ride, and also check out what some consider the best inverted coaster in the world, MONTU. This coaster will take you up over 150ft, and flip you upside down seven times!

In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, battle the storm called the TENNESSEE TORNADO, located at the beautiful Dollywood. This coaster will drop you 163ft through a mountain, and flip you three times, while reaching speeds in excess of 63 mph! Check out this great park and more!

Hang on tight, and get ready to be taken OVER THE EDGE in "Roller Coaster Adventures Volume 7"!



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