European Coaster Thrills
A Preview

European Coaster Thrills also contains additional shots from some of the most unusual perspectives and it has been edited to a truly dynamic soundtrack. Blast off with Superman - The Ride, be a high flyer with Colossos, dash through the world of the Maya in Katun or get ready for a splash with Poseidon.

So get ready to join the fun and take an exciting tour through the powerful world of gravity and speed.

European Coaster Thrills contains coasters from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. The full list of coasters is:

  • Colossos, Heide Park, Germany

  • Superman, Six Flags Holland, Netherland

  • Wild Wild West, Movie World, Germany

  • Eurostar, Oscar Bruch, Germany

  • Colorado Adventure, Phantasialand, Germany

  • Weerwolf, Six Flags Belgium, Belgium

  • Tonnere de Zeus, Parc Asterix, France

  • Gsengte Sau, Tripsdrill, Germany

  • Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park, Germany

  • Poseidon, Europa Park, Germany

  • Blue Tornado, Gardaland, Italy

  • Katun, Mirabilandia, Italy

The DVD version contains more than 15 minutes of bonus material of the roller coasters 'Thriller' (Oscar Bruch, Six Flags), 'Goliath' (Six Flags Holland), 'Silver Star' (Europa Park) and a hidden feature (easteregg).

Above: The video
Below: The DVD

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