Fairgrounds on Film: 1915 to 1970

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Release Date: 1998
Exempt from classification
Not region coded
Running Time:
40 minutes
Primetime Video Productions

This archive film presentation gives fairground enthusiasts and fans alike the opportunity to look back at fairground life between the years 1915 and 1970.

Fairground rides and attractions shown include steam driven rides such as the Gondola, Whale Switchback, and Harry Lee’s famous Steam Yachts. The Moonrocket, Chairoplanes, Cakewalk, Chaser, Ferris Wheels, Skid, juvenile rides and freak shows are also featured with many more too numerous to mention here. Fairground build-up is shown in 1935 and the late 40s, along with some stunning colour film of VE Day celebrations.

The material was shot in several towns and cities by local film makers and this video presentation shows the material much as it was shot - silent and with no attempt to re-edit it or modernise it by adding music, narration or sound effects. However, titles have been added to help explain and date the items where possible. A Lincolnshire Film Archive Presentation.
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