Front Seat Thrills 2
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Release Date: 2004
Exempt from classification
Region coding:
Not region coded
Running Time:
60 minutes
Horse Creek Productions

Take a front seat ride on some of the most exciting roller coasters on the planet in Front Seat Thrills Volume 2! You will get to experience a front seat point-of-view ride on 35 different roller coasters from the USA and all over the world.

From classic wooden roller coasters to new mega steel coasters, you will be launched, flipped, dropped and twisted in every direction possible. Roller coasters like Dueling Dragons, Talon, Goliath and Medusa are just a few that await you for a ride!

No fluff, no frills...just uninterrupted, unobstructed front seat point-of-view excitement. Buckle in and hold's going to be a thrilling ride!

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