Heritage USA: The Complete Tour
A Preview

This double disc set takes you on an all access tour of the grounds of Heritage USA as it looks today. You will get to see exclusive footage and have all access inside the buildings, hotels, PTL studios, Heritage Island water park, and much more. As the property has been closed and has sat abandoned for years, this DVD will give you a look at how Heritage USA now resembles more of a ghost town than a thriving theme park.

In this jam packed DVD, you will see the following:

1. The Drive Through Tour: A complete drive through tour of Heritage USA today, where you will see the locations of all the major buildings and attractions. We start at the original entrance and travel all over the park, ending at the World Outreach Center. You will see The Partner Center, Heritage Towers, Fort Heritage General Store, World Outreach Center, PTL Studios, Barn Auditorium, Upper Room and more.

2. All access in the Heritage Island Water Park. Go in the mountain, up the slides, and all access in the park.

3. The Heritage Grand Hotel, Shoppes of Main Street, and the uncompleted Heritage Towers.

4. The Barn Auditorium. Go inside and on the stage where Jim Bakker used to preach to his congregations.

5. The PTL Studios. See where the PTL Club was filmed and see the stage and backdrops that were once used by Jim and Tammy.

6. The Total Learning Center.

7. The Upper Room and the arena where the Heritage Passion Play was held.

8. The Lakeside Chalets, Wedding Chapel by the lake, Recreation Village, Antique Car Ride, train stations and old tram stops.

9. The Heritage Inn and Buffalo Park.

10. The King's Castle, which was suppose to be the world's largest Wendy's. Go inside and see it today.

11. The famous Bunkhouses and the site of Kevin's House which burned down in 2002.

12. The site on which the Crystal Palace and Crystal Towers were supposed to be built.

13. The World Outreach Center. This was the location of Jim Bakker's office as well as other high ranking officials of PTL.

14. Photos of how Heritage USA looked back in the 80s when it was the #3 most visited park in America.

AND if that was not enough, on the 2nd disc included, is a very special audio CD.

During the filming of this documentary, we found an old cassette tape marked "Tape 12, 6-14-85, Jim B.". This cassette turned out to be an interview with Jim Bakker. During this interview, the reporter is treated to a tour of the grounds of Heritage USA and you hear Jim Bakker talk about the construction of the hotels and the famous Heritage Island water park. Bakker also discusses as length his marriage with Tammy, his hopes for the future of Heritage and more! You can hear the bulldozers in the background working on the various construction projects.

In this interview, you can hear a side of Jim Bakker that no one has ever seen. It seems like sometimes he forgets the reporter is recording the interview, as he speaks so bluntly about certain pastors and shares his views on different aspects of religion. You hear a truthful Bakker, not one with all the lights and make-up in the PTL Club shows. This was a truly an amazing find. This exclusive interview has never been heard before, and until we found it, was lost, buried under rubble and garbage in an old collapsed warehouse.

You get both the DVD and the audio CD in this very special Heritage USA DVD tour. If you have read the books about PTL and Heritage USA, like 'Forgiven', 'I Was Wrong', 'Intregrity', or any of the others, this DVD is the perfect companion to the books, showing you all the locations and buildings discussed. If you like Heritage USA and PTL, you will love this DVD. This DVD was made by fans of PTL, Heritage USA, and Jim and Tammy Faye.


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