Chippewa Lake Park
by David W and Diane DeMali Francis
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ISBN Number: 978-0738532585   
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Publication Date:
May 2004
Arcadia Publishing

In the 1880s, Oscar Townsend and the Cleveland, Lorain, & Wheeling Railroad developed a prosperous vacation resort, eventually called 'Chippewa Lake Park', on the banks of Ohio's largest natural lake. The Great Depression and extinction of interurban service crippled the park, but in 1937, Parker Beach purchased the resort, and it enjoyed a swinging Golden Age through 1969, as he kept the park's ballroom filled with dancers and famous bands. In 1978, after more than 100 years of operation, Chippewa Lake Park joined the ghostly ranks of the last traditional amusement parks. Chippewa Lake Park keeps the memory of one of Ohio's longest-lived and best-loved amusement parks alive through vintage images and captivating history.

About the Author
David W. and Diane DeMali Francis, members of the National Amusement Park Historical Association and American Coaster Enthusiasts, are authors of the Arcadia titles Ohio's Amusement Parks, The Golden Age of Roller Coasters, and Cedar Point.

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