The Historic Tale of Universal Studios Hollywood
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Release Date: 2012
Exempt from classification
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Running Time:
60 minutes
Theme Parkology

Theme Parkology presents the Jungle Cruise DVD. Venture aboard the one of the many Cruise water craft and explore the thatched jungle of Adventureland. Keep your hands and legs in the boat and get your cameras ready.

When Disneyland was on the drawing board Walt Disney wanted a jungle within his park, which was inspired by the successful Disney television series, A True-Life Adventures. Walt originally wanted live animals to roam about, grazing and frolicking about, but he soon discovered that real animals sleep during the day and couldn't be relied on to perform around guests. So he enlisted the help of Bob Mattey and Bob Gurr and was able to create animatronic animals.

Join us as we journey through the history of the Jungle Cruise and discover its many secrets. We'll explore the depths of the jungle, learning the history as narrated by Bryan Simmons, with an original musical score by Markus Covello. We'll travel around the globe to the various Disney parks comparing the jungle attraction.

This spectacular 60 minute documentary includes a rare interview with Disney Imagineer, Bob Gurr, and has a bonus track featuring the talented comedian, Jason Hammond, from the Skipper Stand Up Show.

All aboard for some adventurous fun.


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