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New Disneyland DVD celebrates 1980s
30 December 2012

The latest in the Themeparkology series of Disneyland DVDs has been released, Disneyland 1980-1989. This documentary covers the history of Disneyland as it continued to grow and change throughout this colourful decade.

Discover the Bovarian-style reconstruction that Fantasyland underwent in 1983 and learn why Bear Country was changed to Critter Country in 1988. There were also several new attractions such as Pinocchio's Daring Journey, Splash Mountain, Star Tours and Captain EO.

This 55 minute documentary really captures the essence of Walt Disney's magical theme park through the eighties and will explore some of the inventive parades through Main Street, U.S.A. More...

Disneyland DVDs reduced!
30 December 2012

To celebrate the release of the new Disneyland history DVD, Disneyland 1980-1989, we have reduced the price of the other three DVDs in the series, Disneyland 1955-1959, 1960-1969 and 1970-1979. These are all now priced at only 12.49.

And even better, you can buy all four DVDs together for only 41, which is a saving of 8.96 off the already discounted price (or 16.46 off the original price of 14.99).

Disneyland 1955-1959 DVD
Disneyland 1960-1969 DVD
Disneyland 1970-1979 DVD

Disneyland 1980-1989 DVD
Buy all four Disneyland DVDs for only 41!

The story of the Caterpillar ride continues...
18 November 2012

Following on from the fantastic first book Greens for Caterpillars, the second book on these memorable rides written by Tommy Green covers the period from 1950 until 1976 when the last Caterpillar ride was sold.

As well as details of the rides and the fairs the rides attended, Greens for Caterpillars Part Two features copious details of the vehicles used for transport, and the changing traffic legislation which took place throughout the period. There is also a section on the other rides travelled by Greens, and the other enterprises they operated in Lancashire and Glasgow. Click here for details...

60 years of Danter's fun fairs
15 November 2012

Available now (and in good time for Christmas!) is a brand new book on the history of the Danter family's fairground transport across 60 years. Danter’s Travels 1952 – 2012 by Steve Perry is a pictorial history of the transport of the Gloucestershire Showmen.

The author is close friends with the Danter family, having met founder Billy Danter when he was a boy. The family has run funfairs in Gloucestershire since the 1940s.

The photographs in the book trace the journey of the family from 1952 to 2012, with pictures donated from residents in Tewkesbury, the family and personal photographs taken by the author himself. The photographs were collected over a three year period. More...

Camelot Theme Park closed for good
3 November 2012

The Lancashire Evening Post is reporting that Camelot Theme Park has closed for the last time, blaming bad weather and the Olympics for a "particularly challenging" 2012 season. The park narrowly missed closure in 2009, when owners Prime Resorts went into receivership, but Knights Leisure (headed by former Prime Resorts Chief Executive Roy Page) took a lease on the site from owners Story Land and were able to keep the park open. More...

The legendary Scenic Railway at Barry Island
27 October 2012

Amusement park nostalgia website themagiceye has pulled a fantastic article from the archive for November. Following Dave Page's summer visit to Barry Island Pleasure Park in the September 2001 issue of to see one of the park's newest rides, Nick Laister took a trip back in time to look at the park's biggest ever attraction: the much missed Scenic Railway.

The Beast of Barry: The legendary Scenic Railway at Barry Island can be viewed here...

New documentary on one of Disneyland's famous attractions
1 October 2012

When Walt Disney decided to build his magical theme park in 1959 he wanted to build an adventurous land, a land with a thatched jungle filled with animals. The idea was inspired by the success of Disney's 1948 television series, The True-Life Adventures, which was a series of short documentary films of live animals roaming about within their natural habitat.

With the help of landscape architect, Bill Evans, and mechanical wonders, Bob Mattey and Bob Gurr, the jungle came to life on the park's opening day.

The new DVD The Jungle Cruise, ventures through the ideas and landscapes of Walt's man-made jungle. More...

A fun-filled trip back in time through arcade history
22 September 2012

The Encyclopedia of Arcade Video Games by Bill Kurtz is a fun-filled trip back in time to the colourful arcades of the 1970s and '80s. More than 600 photos present the dot-munching PAC MAN, bomb-dropping SPACE INVADERS, and other favourites.

This comprehensive reference presents photos of every popular video game manufactured, along with some long-forgotten machines and even some you've probably never heard of. You'll also find information about the manufacturers who produced these classic games, a section about video game collectibles, and information on how to locate your favourite games and start your own collection. More...

Metroland coaster to be rebuilt at The BIG Sheep
25 August 2012

The Zierer-built 'New Roller Coaster', which operated for 20 years at the Metroland indoor amusement park at the Metro Centre, Gateshead, until the park closed in 2008, will be rebuilt at Devon's popular visitor attraction The BIG Sheep following the granting of planning permission by North Devon District Council. The roller coaster, as yet unnamed, will be Devon's tallest, and will be the latest ride to be added to this rapidly expanding adventure park. The BIG Sheep's owner, Rick Turner, said it was expensive to remove from Metroland: "We had to remove the whole side of the centre to remove the columns and track." No opening date has been announced.

The roller coaster operating at Metroland.

127 years of madness, sadness and scintillating thrills!
18 August 2012

Read about the history of roller coasters down under in a brand new book, The Story of Australian Roller Coasters by Edwin Dickinson. This is a fascinating story that spans the late 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries.

We understand that Joyland Books is the only retailer that is currently importing this book into the UK, and buy importing a number of copies at once we are able to keep the price as low as possible. More...

Books wanted!
18 August 2012

Can you help our friend the Roller Coaster Media Library track down some publications from the Dark Rides and Fun House Association and the National Amusement Park Historical Association? Details here...


Dreamland compulsory purchase approved
17 August 2012

Following a public inquiry, Thanet District Council has today received approval from the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for the compulsory purchase of the Dreamland site.

Chair of The Dreamland Trust, Nick Laister, said: “The Dreamland Trust is ready to make a start on site and we hope to have Stage One of the project fully open by Easter 2014.” More...

Above: The Dreamland Trust plan to repair the Scenic Railway.

Amusement arcade treasures
15 August 2012

Arcade Treasures by Bill Kurtz is now available at Joyland Books. This book is filled with 447 colour photos of the greatest games ever to hit the arcade scene - the earliest arcades' strength testers and fortune tellers, perennial favourites like baseball games and SKEE-BALL, wild pinball games from the middle of the century, and modern electronic video game like PAC MAN and Q*BERT.

Also included are a section on novelty products, a detailed discussion of the development of different game trends, a history of significant manufacturers and designers, and a thorough price guide. Click here for more details.

Rare Alton Towers guidebook added to Secondhand Shop
11 August 2012

We have added an extremely rare and very detailed 112-page 1986 guidebook called Alton Towers Official Guide & Souvenir, which provides a detailed look at the Alton Towers of the mid-1980s, with ride specifications, a tour of the different areas within the park and behind the scenes information.

Chapters include: Kiddies Kingdom; Alton Towers Today; Alton Towers in the Past; Nature Trails; Shopping; Eating; Live Entertainment; Exhibitions, etc; Natural History; The 'Little' Rides and More; The Big Rides; Behind the Scenes; Cinemas; Mini Holidays.

Big rides featured are: Grand Canyon Rapids; Log Flume and Dinosaurs; Four Man Bob; Ferris Wheel; Octopus; Spider; Pirate Ship; Wave Swinger; 1001 Nights; Enterprise; Black Hole; Corkscrew; Turbo Star.

At the back of the book is a fold-out map of the park in 1986. Click here for details.

American Adventure site to be redeveloped
8 August 2012

Councillors at Derbyshire County Council approved a masterplan for the redevelopment of the site of the former American Adventure Theme Park last week.

The Council's preferred developer, Waystone, has been working on the plans for nearly four years. Waystone plan a major mixed use development incorporating a hotel, retirement village, a variety of housing, light industry, leisure and offices. The company denied rumours, fuelled by an article on the BBC News website at the end of July, that 500 homes are planned for the 114-acre site.

Waystone says that no details of the plan will be revealed until a three to four-month consultation with Amber Valley Borough Council was completed. The company will then consult the public on the plans before submitting a planning application to Amber Valley Borough Council later this year.

Fair vows to continue after cable theft
5 August 2012

Operators of ‘The Worldwide Travelling Theme Park Experience’, which is operating at The Strand in Gillingham, Kent,  have vowed to continue to open today, following the overnight  theft of all the electrical cables that are used to connect the rides to their power source.

The theft was discovered when the operators at the Kent coast entertainment complex arrived to commence their daily pre-opening safety checks.

All the power leads to these attractions, as well as domestic cables were cut in the night, between the park’s closing for the night at 9PM and 8AM this morning (Sunday 5th August).

The park has been popular with families drawn from across Medway since the start of the school holidays, as it is each summer, and the operators have vowed that this setback will not prevent them from continuing to entertain the public.

Therefore, a reward of 2,000 (two thousand pounds) has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators of the theft.

Coney Island: 40 Years (1970-2010)
5 August 2012

Since 1970, when world-renowned photographer Harvey Stein first turned his discerning eye toward Coney Island, his love affair with this New York beachfront amusement park began to grow. In Coney Island: 40 Years by Harvey Stein, over 200 compelling black and white photos tell the tale of his 40-year romance with this iconic locale. Entering Coney Island through his lens is like stepping into another culture, capturing the lives and times of those who work and play there. There is a sense of adventure, a thrilling escape from daily worries, and much pleasure, whether riding the jarring Cyclone roller coaster, walking the boardwalk, viewing the Mermaid Parade, or sunbathing on the beach. Coney Island, America's first amusement park, is celebrated worldwide. More...

15% discount to Cyclopark with Joyland Books
8 July 2012

Joyland Books has teamed up with Kent's newest attraction - Cyclopark - to give you a 15% discount on entry for up to 5 people. This 8 million, 43-hectare facility near Gravesend opened in May this year and includes road and BMX tracks plus mountain bike trails. Hailed as Europe's largest cycle park, Cyclopark features a six-metre wide, 2.9 kilometre road cycling circuit, a 340-metre BMX track, 6 kilometres of mountain bike trails, a cycle playground and skate park all in landscaped grounds. It is a great family day out.

To claim your 15% discount, print off this voucher and take it with you to Cyclopark.

Joyland Forum update
8 July 2012

The Joyland Books Forum has been given a new look. Everything should operate the same as before, but please note that the Forum is currently being tested and it is possible certain features will not work at all times during this period. Our current tests show that everything but the search function is working as normal, but please contact us if you find something is not working as it should.
If you have not joined our forum yet, you can do so here. To view the Forum, click here.

New British book on amusement park rides
4 July 2012

Amusement Park Rides by Martin Easdown is a brand new book outlining the history of roller coasters and other amusement park rides. From the first mass-produced rollercoaster, the Switchback Railway, through to the giant wooden coasters of the inter-war period, the author uses historic postcards and photographs to chart their development and that of other amusement rides including revolving towers, aerial rides, Ferris wheels and water chutes, all of which were produced from the late Victorian era in myriad forms. Essential to the very existence of such amusement venues as Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Southend's Kursaal and Margate's Dreamland, these much-loved rides are not so far removed from their modern-day equivalents as they might at first appear. Out on 10 July and available for pre-order now. More...

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